The book

More Than a Moment: Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs is a book forthcoming in fall 2019 from Utah State University Press, which is an imprint of the University Press of Colorado. More Than a Moment explores the context around and within MOOCs, both in terms of the history of higher education that enabled MOOCs, and also the situation within MOOCs themselves. The speed of the rise and fall of MOOCs was unprecedented, but the pattern is not.

More Than a Moment asks:

  • Where did MOOCs come from, and how have they followed and deviated from the history of distance education technologies?
  • What can we learn from the experiences of MOOC students and teachers about their future potential for both “learning” and “institutional education?”
  • How can we learn from the MOOC phenomenon to recognize the opportunities and threats of future innovations in distance education and in partnerships between nonprofit institutions and for-profit educational entrepreneurs?

You can read a summary of the book here.

The Website

Besides its purposes as a means of promoting the publication of the print version of More Than a Moment, this website is also a small way of responding to the changes and developments in MOOCs, Online Program Management (OPMs), and other issues with online education that have happened since about October 2018, which is when this book entered production. See the “News & Updates”News & Updates page for the latest.

You can read more about these goals here.

The Author

My name is Steven D. Krause, and I wrote the book and maintain this website.