Pre-orders, Facebook Pages, and Related MOOC News

Okay, pretty much in the order of the headline here:

  • As you can tell from the sidebar of this site, More than a Moment is getting closer to release and it’s now available for order from amazon, the UPC/USUP web site, and wherever books are sold. PLUS if you order it from the publisher’s web site and enter the promo code KRAU, there’s a 40% discount. That puts the price at around $14. I have to say this is one of the reasons why I really didn’t want this book to end up being published by an academic press that sell books for $60 or more.
  • I’ve set up a Facebook page for the book here: Among other things, I’m planning on making more use of that page (and less use of this site) to do things like post updates, news, and whatever else. I have a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook, but the reality is it’s still the best place online to find an audience and to promote. So Facebook it is.
  • But I do have a few links about MOOCs and their aftermath to share here:

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